Thank you for your interest in supporting Aurora House.  We hope that this document will be a helpful resource for you in the planning of your event.  If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at  If we want to fundraise but don't want to plan your own event, consider registering for ForgoFreedom and let us handle most of this for you. 

Things To Consider In Your Planning

1) In the promotion of your event, clarify who is running the event and who will be handling questions and inquiries.  Without our written consent you may not state that Aurora House is organizing your event.

2) Be sure to let people know how their funds will be used.  For example, will all the proceeds go to Aurora House or will some of the funds raised be used to help cover your cost of running the event? If cheques are being written, decide who the cheques should be made payable to.  You can request that cheques be made payable to Aurora House, but Aurora House will not be able to return or refund any of the proceeds to you, or pay any expenses on your behalf. 

3) If there will be cash and other funds being exchanged during the course of your event, you should think about security during the event, and where you will keep the money and funds that you are collecting.  It is not a good idea to keep large amounts of cash and funds in one place or in the view of lots of people.  It is also a good idea to have more than one person counting funds and verifying amounts that have been received for security and accountability.

4) Please ensure that funds collected are submitted to AURORA HOUSE or to TUMC in a timely manner.  Individuals who have written cheques payable to AURORA HOUSE or the Toronto United Mennonite Church (TUMC) will want them deposited quickly.  If you are submitting a large amount of funds, you may also want to courier the items to AURORA HOUSE for added security.

5) If donors want to give directly to AURORA HOUSE, donations can be made online at and click our donate button. Please note that all online donations will be subject to paypal fees. If you would like Aurora House to be able to keep 100% of the funds, donations can also be mailed directly to AURORA HOUSE by mail. Aurora House has a mailbox at 1774 Queen St. E., Toronto, Ont. M4L 1G7 and cheques may be sent there. All donations made directly to Aurora House online or by mail will not be eligible to receive a tax receipt. If a tax receipt is required please see number 6 below.

6) PLEASE NOTE: Aurora House is a not-for-profit organization but not a registered charity.  We are in the process of applying for charitable status but cannot at this time write any tax receipts.

If tax receipts are desired, the Toronto United Mennonite Church (TUMC) is raising funds for Aurora House. They are a registered charity so cheques made out to Toronto United Mennonite Church with the memo designating funds for “Aurora House Programming” would receive a tax receipt. Cheques can be sent to 1774 Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4L 1G7.

7) Social Media Tips  

AURORA HOUSE Website:                        

AURORA HOUSE FB Page                         

Social media is a great way to spread the word about your fundraising initiatives. Be sure to use your selected hashtags, website links, and twitter handles when tweeting, face booking or instagramming about your event.  Using the twitter handles and website links will create traffic to AURORA HOUSE's website, allowing others to learn more. 

Tip:Use to create shortened URL links for your tweets.

8) Statement of Understanding

1. You are responsible for the planning and execution of your event.

2. Fundraising groups must use AURORA HOUSE's name in a way that promotes our positive image. Please submit a draft of any material you will create (i.e. poster, t-shirt, flyer, etc.) to events@Aurora for approval.

3. As a fundraiser or fundraising group, you must have your own necessary insurance and permits.

4. No event or affiliation that involves gambling will be approved. Gambling is defined as a paid chance to participate in possibly winning a prize. Unpaid games are acceptable given that participation is free and no monetary prizes are awarded.

5. All fundraising events to benefit AURORA HOUSE must follow all applicable laws, including laws regarding tax deductions.  

6. AURORA HOUSE will not release the names, addresses, or phone numbers of donors or prospects to third parties

7. The individual will be held liable for any fraudulent use of donations received on behalf of AURORA HOUSE.

By using AURORA HOUSE’s resources, you agree that you have read and understand the above guidelines for hosting a fundraising initiative on behalf of Aurora House.

If you have any questions about AURORA HOUSE's work or you would like to connect personally with us, please contact