Aurora House has two renovated multi-level units that provide housing to Canadians, Canadian foreign nationals, immigrants and refugees who have been trafficked or otherwise exploited in Canada. We planned accommodation to be as flexible as possible in order to meet the fluctuating needs of the victims and survivors  who will be referred to us over the coming years. 

Aurora House is not a traditional safe house but a long-term transitional house.  We offer a safe place for people who were victims of trafficking and would like some continued support on their journey towards complete independent living.  It is suitable for those who are on the road to independent living and who do not require high levels of security and secrecy. It serves as a much-needed buffer between traditional emergency-stage and second-stage safe houses and complete independence.

Even though our housing is suitable for those who are needing to be kept hidden from a trafficker, Aurora House still keeps its location private. We feel it's always wise not to publicize spaces that serve people who may still be emotionally or otherwise vulnerable. 

We provide community housing to a combination  of any two of the following demographic groups of people who've been trafficked at any given time:  

  • Women
  • Men 
  • LGBTQ+ requiring special housing 
  • A family of 4


We are often asked to describe the residents who stay at Aurora House.  We cannot disclose personal stories but in an attempt to put a face on human trafficking in Canada we have created some composite stories. The experiences described in each of the profiles come from true cases of human trafficking in Canada. All names and details have been changed and some profiles are the compilation of different stories. This has been done in order to protect the identity of those involved.