Our operating costs are estimated to be $200,000 annually.  These funds are used to lease housing and pay for support services for people who have been trafficked and exploited for labour, marriage and/or crime. Following is a list of costs, varying based on occupancy and the specific needs of residents: 

  • Counselling ($1,200/month)
  • Case management, education, training etc ($6,000/month)
  • Housing ($3,800/month)
  • Food and basic needs ($1,200/month)
  • Legal and medical aid ($5,000/annually)
  • Trained on-site support staff ($4,800/annually)
  • Communication and security ($12,000 annually)
  • Administration, web site and marketing ($200/month)

There are lots of other little costs like transportation, moving expenses, gifts for special occasions like resident birthdays etc. Every little bit helps, for instance, $10 buys a resident 3 travel passes that can be used to get to appointments like job interviews etc.

For further details or if you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us